ABC Asphalt Paving & Parking Lot Repair

ABC Asphalt Paving & Parking Lot Repair

Address : 2790 Sexton Pl, The Bronx, NY, 10469

Phone : 516-343-9164

Website :

Description : ABC asphalt paving and parking lot repair has a built in primer which means the mix is 100% ready to go when you purchase it. Asphalt paving or Asphalt repair looks better, lasts longer and can be installed quickly in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan (NYC) and Queens. Asphalt aggregates are easy to mix and customize. There are hundreds of potential mixes that could be made to meet any specific NYC asphalt need. A good pavement management plan consists of three primary procedures: parking lot crack repair, seal coating, and lot marking. We are specialized in concrete parking repair. Feel free to contact us for free estimation.

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Hours : 06:00 am to 10:00 pm

Payment : Credit card, Cash, Check

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