As a beginner, it is important to choose a product that is in demand, but not overly competitive. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best product to sell on Amazon:

Consider the demand for the product: Choose a product that has a proven track record of selling well on Amazon. You can use tools like Jungle Scout to research the demand for different products.

Look for a product with low competition: Avoid products that have a lot of competition from large, well-established brands. Instead, look for products with lower competition that you can differentiate in some way.

Choose a product with a good profit margin: Make sure that the product you choose has a good profit margin, so you can make a decent profit after accounting for the cost of goods, shipping, and other expenses.

Consider the size and weight of the product: Choose a product that is not too large or heavy, as this will make it more expensive to ship.

Make sure the product is easily sourced: It should be easy to find a supplier for the product you choose, and the product should be readily available at a reasonable price.

Some examples of products that are popular on Amazon and may be suitable for beginners include:

  • Health and wellness products
  • Home and kitchen products
  • Beauty and personal care products
  • Accessories and clothing
  • Outdoor and sports equipment
  • Toys and games
  • Electronic accessories and gadgets


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